• An Agile Enterprise

    An Agile Enterprise. What is this? Just your new mission. Whatever your role and position, your company should become agile and you must contribute. Especially when you already know Agile’s core foundations and principles. You advocate daily on the wonders and benefits of Agile for software development? Software making is at the hearth of your […]

  • Scrum

    Scrum 2013: (R)evolution needed?

    We’re ending 2012, all of us worked on a lot of challenging projects! So cool! And the Future looks bright with more than ever promising trends (mobiles, tablets, HTML5, Cloud …). It did not start this year but technology invited  itself  in every aspects of our day to day: everything goes fast, productivity tools for […]

  • Graffiti of Dragoons

    How to deal with Web Design?

    I love street art. A painting, a graffiti can instantly be giving me emotions, it can be from the Whaou effect to pure goose-bumps. Literally. In graffiti, there are specific shapes, shadows, colors or fonts I do love. I got the habit of noticing them, taking them into pictures and built a small portfolio of […]

  • Tokyo in iso 3D

    Efficient Project Risk Management

    Risk management is a commonly known practice within project management. In the specific context of IT, it can be either neglected (just omitted), seen as a burden, misunderstood or falling under criticism for having no concrete means to measure its benefits. PMIs gurus / addicts will fall from their chairs but I guess many people will […]